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Our mission is to promote the artistic sharing of the human journey to consciousness and inner experiences difficult to express in linear vocabulary. We publish poetry that landmarks spiritual evolution, is attentive to the moment and reminds us of everyday miracles. We were proud to produce Liquid Light Press Premium Chapbook First Editions and e-books for global distribution. We are proud to present our newest book, The Dice Throwers, by the Washington poet, Douglas Cole. Coming up very soon, Lessons On Sleeping Alone by Megan E. Freeman.

  • We are currently seeking chapbook length manuscripts of well-crafted, transformational poetry. Click for guidelines.
  • Also you may want to check out some of our great poetry lover merchandise.
  • Check out the future of poetic expression: A new enhanced, multimedia, BONUS e-book version of M. D. Friedman's Leaning Toward Whole (in pdf format for computers only) containing 2 videos, audio and text, and, for a limited time only at no additional cost, a new experimental, electronica jam version of "The Great Clock" (currently only available for download through Liquid Light Press). See how e-books can change the whole game with this cutting edge version of the book that started it all right here at Liquid Light Press!

Here's a taste of some of our poets!