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Nowhere Near Morning

By Jeffrey M. Bernstein

Jeffery Bernstein speaks directly to his readers in a poetic voice that is both raspy and wise. His wisdom is the weathered wisdom of a New Englander, and his poetry grabs you where you live, knocks on your door and invites you out to ponder the meaning of life at the local pub. (Available in our Lulu Bookstore as a Premium First Edition Chapbook or as an e-book in pdf or epub formats. It is also available for Kindle Readers directly from our Kindle Book Shelf.)

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What others are saying about Nowhere Near Morning:

Jeff Bernstein's poems traverse many realms—the least of which might be called the domestic—with a manner that is wildly imaginative and profoundly humane; poetic in the grand tradition. By turns joyful, funny, sad, and wise, the poems in Nowhere Near Morning are delivered in a precise, straightforward voice unafraid of revealing the corporeal authority all of us hold when we remember what it truly means to be alive.
~ Juliet Patterson, poet

Nowhere Near Morning explores family themes with startling intimacy. Jeff Bernstein trusts his readers! This is not a book about love, but everything within is so packed with the stuff that we leave each poem thinking, "I shall return!" and, "I wish he were in my family."
~ Geof Hewitt, poet

Jeff Bernstein's Nowhere Near Morning comes from a poet who has skidded near life's brink. His near drop into eternity has sharpened the lucidity of his language, his passion for those he loves, and for life itself. He lives in the world of other frequencies, perceptions we are oblivious to in our daily lives. He lives knowing the precariousness of human life: "How many times/ each day do we near/ those threads, slight/ as the lightest monofilament/ that even the fish cannot see?" Brilliantly, with startling language, he takes us on a journey of yearning, drawing us closely into human connections.
~ Cecele Allen Kraus, poet