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We view publishing as a collaboration between the poet and the press. Our editorial staff enjoy working with our poets to bring their manuscript to life. We respect each poet's own artistic vision and encourage author participation in each step of the process. Author input from content to cover is a critical part of what makes the Premium Quality Chapbooks from Liquid Light Press stand out from the crowd. With over 2000 print & e-books sold internationally, our emphasis on quality seems to be working.

~ From our Executive Editor, Markiah Friedman:

I started Liquid Light Press one year ago to fill what I found to be a void in contemporary small press poetry publication. I had been publishing e-books, audio and video poetry through the popular Internet Poets' Cooperative Web Site since 2001, and with all the poets I knew, I found the work that appealed the most to me was the poetry that "speaks to the heart." Even though this type of poetry was a favorite at the open readings I often attended, it was, according to my poet friends, difficult to get published. It seems the poetry establishment generally preferred to publish poetry that is more scholarly, academic, and clever (poetry that speaks to the head) over poetry that is transformational and attempts to convey the inner experiences difficult to express in linear vocabulary (poetry that speaks to the heart). In addition, many of the established poetry presses often favored an extensive publication resume over a mastery of craft. Even though small presses were a plenty, presses that published just poetry in store quality, unlimited chapbook editions in both print and e-book formats with global distribution were a rarity. This is the niche I am attempting to fill with Liquid Light Press. - Markiah Friedman (June 2012)

~ What the poets are saying about their Liquid Light Press books:

I am still blown away by how beautiful this book is. I can’t imagine a better experience, really haven’t had a better experience. You two have just been a dream. Thank you for all your work, spirit, energy.... - Douglas T. Cole (September 2015)

Wow. First I've got to say how much I appreciate your hard work. You had to make a lot of decisions, esp. re. my habit of long breath-lines, but you nailed it! I can see how you made most of the decisions you made, and I approve! Not only that, I can see your respect for my language, forms, rhythms and quirky mechanics (or lack thereof). You get it; you really get it! I think you know how it feels for someone to "get" so completely what you're up to—and it feels damn good! I appreciate more than I can say your respectful, even loving attention to these poems. Your editing is masterful, at least as far as I'm concerned. Thank you. ~ Wayne Gilbert (May 2012)

The book is truly everything I dreamed it would be! It looks fantastic and reads beautifully, and I couldn't be happier. - Lynda La Rocca (April 2012)

It was early summer when Markiah Friedman called to propose doing a book together. I was standing in the hot barn, painting a sign to put at our orchard entrance. Overwhelmed with thoughts of family and non-poetry work, putting together a collection of poems seemed so very unlikely. But his inspiration was contagious, and I thank him so much. What a beautiful, courageous idea to create a chapbook press dedicated to spiritually engaging poems. I honor his vision, appreciate his guidance, and I am so grateful to be included in Liquid Light's first year of publishing. - Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer (November 2011)

~ What the others are saying about Liquid Light Press & our books: