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Surf Sounds

By Roger Higgins

Roger Higgins' poetry is as polished and subtle as sea glass, hums with the hypnotic pulse of the ocean inside us, and surges and tumbles with the contrasts and challenges of our modern world. Now available in our Lulu Bookstore as a Premium First Edition Chapbook or in various e-book formats & from several online stores (just click on the format you need for your reader to purchace):

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What others are saying about Surf Sounds:

Wondrous powers of observation are on display in this fine collection. Roger Higgins considers not just the small hours (the quiet hours we all must come back to), but also the larger consequences—physical, emotional, spiritual — of time's passing, asking us to look both backward and forward to make necessary connections in our communal roots of memory.

~ Juliet Patterson, Poet


Roger Higgins' poetry is both day by day and exotic. The poet washes his socks and jocks when he showers. He spends too long lying on 'the soft white pillow of insomnia'. He prefers description, narrative and some irony and humour to self-dramatisation. There's a lot more to Surf Sounds than ocean, beach and desert.

~ Graham Rowlands, Poet


Like chaos, we can't control the ocean, but we sure can enjoy its dangerous beauty. These poems make you pause, think and consider Higgins' gift for unexpected juxtapositions. Higgins engages his reader with concrete and sensual images, as well as universal truths. Higgins is sensitive, yearning and funny while showing us how playing in the waves is not only fun, but an opportunity for self-discovery.

~ Alice Osborn, Poet


These poems are indeed suffused with the sounds and sights of the sea. Concise and tightly focussed, they stretch from the exotic locations of Coquimbo and a Moroccan bar to the hometown environs of the
Adelaide Hills and King William Street.

~ Ian Gibbins, Poet