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Your House Is Floating

by Susan Whitmore

Susan Whitmore's craft is as smooth, crisp and satisfying as olive oil on fresh garden greens. The body of her poetry hums with the efficiency of a long distant runner, and the soul of her words is as electric and warm as the colors of sunset. The shadow cast by her images glow with enduring light. (Available in our Lulu Bookstore as a Premium First Edition Chapbook or or as an e-book in pdf or epub formats. It is also available for Kindle Readers from our Kindle Book Shelf.)

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Susan Whitmore reading from Your House is Floating at the Writer's Place:

What others are saying about Your House Is Floating:

Your House Is Floating by Susan Whitmore speaks, through its lyrics, directly to the reader, with conversations that lift into myth. She embraces details of the world subject to gravitational pull – then tilts into intergalactic overdrive. Read this book to learn more about worlds of sunsets, stone, forsythia, and paper. Read this book to learn how such objects connect to cathedral spaces, Eurydice, volcanoes on the planet Venus, and your mother's ghost.
~ Denise Low, Kansas Poet Laureate 2007 -2009

Susan Whitmore's Your House Is Floating is an enticing journey. There is much to admire here and much to revisit. But this is not a remorseful journey – it is revelatory.
~José Faus, President, The Writers Place

In Your House Is Floating, Susan Whitmore sets up a mythological journey that turns out to be our own time and lives, male and female; it is the story of our souls and bodies. "This is juicy," she writes, of the thrumming joy of our being. Even the sunset, goddess like, reveals her fuchsia thighs. Why cherish these poems? Because their lyricism delivers us every time to another dimension. These poems turn both lovely and tough, fighting for life with every line. As Whitmore writes, the poems, themselves, "throw the doors wide."
~ Robert Stewart, Editor, New Letters