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Leaning Toward Whole

from M. D. Friedman

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Leaning Toward Whole is special poetry.

This chapbook is our first publication at Liquid Light Press, and we feel it embodies our mission and speaks to the heart. This is the fifth poetry book from the international award winning poet and multimedia artist, M. D. Friedman, and contains pieces both poignant and personal. Leaning Toward Whole (2011) speaks to both the universal and the everyday, both the moment and the millennium.

You may enjoy this poetry by listening to live audio recordings, watching experimental, multimedia poetry, sound art, animations and video, spacing out to an extended electronica, somewhat musical, improvisational performance around some of the spoken word or by just sitting quietly and reading the page. The choice is yours. The future is knocking. Let it in.

The print (perfect bound chapbook) and e-book (text only editions) as well as the *enhanced multimedia PDF BONUS** e-book edition (PDF formatted e-books are for computers & laptops) are available at our Lulu Book Store. Leaning Toward Whole is also available in a special *enhanced multimedia EPUB edition. (EPUB formatted e-book editions in the iTune's Book Store are specially made for iPads & iPhones using the free iBook Reader application). There are also several text only e-book editions, including one for Kindle Readers from our Kindle Book Shelf.

E-Book Options:

* All enhanced multimedia editions include the full text of the original perfect bound chapbook plus authentic live audio recordings for most of the poems in M. D. Friedman's Leaning Toward Whole manuscript. These recordings (complete with the occasional hiss of the espresso machine) were provided courtesy of the Poets' Co-op TV Show and were recorded at the Liquid Light Press Book Launch Party at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café in Boulder, Colorado, on June 8, 2011. The poem"Never Ask a Poet Directions" is included in some versions of this enhanced e-book as text, audio and as an experimental video. In addition, all these special interactive e-books include an animated, two-voice video version of the poem, "Know Where to Go Crazy." The separate video file for just this digital poem is also available on I-Tunes.

Leaning Toward Whole Cover Leaning Toward Whole Back Cover

What others are saying about Leaning Toward Whole:

"What powerful elements combine at the opening of "Bedside Manner": a simple title, a crucial human situation, and a startling opening line. The poem then captures a dying mother's fear, a grown child's memory of a key connection in the past, and a satisfying image of linked generations. But the poem does not rest there: the final line holds the combination of beauty and terror that lies at the heart of poetry."
~ Veronica Patterson (poet) on the poem, "Bedside Manner"

"It is a wonderful, meditative poem that balances elegantly, and it speaks very clearly of those realms we inhabit that are so hard to speak of to other people who are not poets."
~ Jared Smith (poet) on the poem, "Never Ask a Poet Directions"

Read Robert King's interview with M. D. Friedman about his chapbook, Leaning Toward Whole, as published in the Colorado Poets' E-Words Issue #17 (Winter 2012).

**Just released(2013)!

A new experimental electronica jam version of "The Great Clock"

Spoken word with improvised soundtrack, "Crossing the Bridge" features M. D. Friedman's poem, "The Great Clock" as published in his chapbook, Leaning Toward Whole. These are Tracks 2 & 3 off of Mad Dog & Headman's Walking on the Sky Album released in May of 2013 featuring: Mad Dog Friedman on aleatory Theremin & Spoken Word and Stephen Hartman on NS/Stick with MIDI, Bass Pedals & Keyboards. Stephen is pure genius and a true in the moment, astral plane pirate. He had never heard the poem before, but somehow was able to anticipate exactly where it would go! The single 32 minute CD quality mp3 version of this incredible, spontaneous performance is available for download only as a special bonus track in the *enhanced multimedia PDF e-book edition of Leaning Toward Whole at our Lulu Book Store.

Here is a video of M. D. Friedman reading from and talking about Leaning Toward Whole at the book release party at Innisfree Book Store. (You may want to download the audio version of M. D. Friedman reading his poem,"The Lost River," from Leaning Toward Whole from the poet's Reverb Nation Web Site as well.)

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