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Spiral by Lynda La Rocca

Award winning poet, Lynda La Rocca, creates a compelling poetic and melodic discourse from the persistent cravings and fears inside of each of us. This book is both as darkly sweet and satisfying as chocolate and as nourishing and healing as mother’s chicken soup. (Available in our Lulu Bookstore as a Premium First Edition Chapbook or as an epub or pdf formatted e-book. It is also available for Kindle Readers directly from our Kindle Book Shelf.)

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What others are saying about Spiral:

"These poems feel like intimate conversations—memories, disappointments, unanswerable questions, hunger, the unspiraling of self. They have a softness to them that makes their sharpness easier to bear. 'Open your own mind as you choose,' she writes, and these poems help lead us toward that opening."
~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer (Poet)

"In 'Drift,' the poet declares herself a 'burrower' and 'delver,' one who 'moves past dark into light.' Lynda LaRocca’s poems in Spiral trace that probing and illumination. The poems find their way delicately and surely, often moving toward insight through rhythm and repetition. A glimpse can call forth 'the everything.' In 'Glancing,' the speaker sees a chipped teapot in an antique store window and reflects, 'I think, This is just like my mother’s. / I think, This is my mother’s. / I think of that morning, the shattered cup.' Inside that brief sequence lies surprise, the past, and imaginative room. In 'Same Old, Same Old,' a two-line sequence captures a long story: 'He said he would be here. / He always says he’ll be here.' Individual poems bring memories and people to life, as in this elegy for writer Karen Chamberlain, rooted in a photographic image. 'It’s as if you’re / coming back / or never left / or leaping out, / your eyes aflame.' As the poems move between the cosmic and striking images of this world—'geraniums fist / into pink snowballs' and 'slant of saffron, / setting sun'—they find fragile yet sturdy moments of balance and being in a 'wobbly world.' Spiral turns on just enough of wilderness and just enough of home.  'Open your mind / as you choose,' the poet invites the reader, 'and I will cook my rice.'  Sit down with these many-faceted poems and be nourished." ~ Veronica Patterson (Poet)

Herlad Democrat's review of Lynda La Rocca's chapbook, Spiral (August 8, 2012)

Read Robert King's interview with Lynda La Rocca about her chapbook, Spiral, as published in the Colorado Poets' E-Words Issue #22 (Spring 2013).